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The design is the first stage in a long lifecycle that will involve construction, operation and closure. The design must consider all these aspects, and it is therefore critical that the design engineer has the necessary track record and experience to provide a design that is fit for purpose.  TailCon Projects have the experience and ability to either develop these designs, or work with the selected consultants in defining the concept, developing the design, and reviewing the designs to ensure that they are going to meet the client’s expectations.


The construction of a TSF has a number of phases which can be constructed by different teams during the TSF lifecycle. For operational needs and design requirements each project will be different. TailCon Projects can assist with this phasing and provide construction services that include:-

  • Project management expertise, which could involve the co-ordination of in-house departments, procurement, and the management of specific contractors to deliver certain packages of work. Typically these packages will be large and complex and require specific skills and expertise to execute.
  • Construction by TailCon Projects – the provision of in-house skills and expertise relating to the civil construction required for wall raising, pipe supply and moving, drain installation and ancillary infrastructure that can be constructed by the TSF operating team.


The operation of TSF’s is a specialist activity conducted by people with the relevant knowledge and skill.  TailCon Projects have this expertise, and are able to operate and manage the tailings facility on behalf of the client.  We specialise in operating techniques that require active management and progressive construction. Typically these operating methods reduce up front capital costs and provide significant cost savings over the life of the facility.

Monitoring and Risk management

Tailings facilities are geotechnical structures that have the capacity to cause harm to infrastructure, people and the environment.  The facility is critical to mining operations as without it all mining and processing would be stopped. The facilities are designed, constructed and operated with this in mind. TailCon Projects has systems to identify the specific risks, and can assist the client to implement a monitoring program that will track and monitor the behaviour of the facility.

Tailings facility Audits

TailCon Projects provides audit services to review operations in accordance with legal obligations, or to review operations techniques for constructability and compliance with design.
Installation of Piezometers

TailCon Projects has a purpose made auger drill rig that is used to install piezometers. This unit is light weight and mounted on a trailer capable of drilling a 90mm hole to depth around the facility or on the tailings beach.