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About Us

Tailcon Projects became a reality in 2013, after Derrick McKenzie identified a need for specific Tailings Storage Facility operation services in the Australian Mining Industry. Tailcon Projects’  approach is where the key design is utilising specific operating techniques for the hydraulic placement of the tailings in the construction of embankments. This approach reduces the start up capital cost, increases operating costs with a net cost of disposal saving.

Tailcon Projects have extensive experience with different minerals, materials, technologies, geology and climates. We operate TSF’s, and we develop specific tailings management solutions that focus on cost effectiveness and risk minimisation.  Tailcon Projects specialises in tailings operations and management, providing a range of services to cater for specific client needs. We have a proven track record in the Design, Construction, Operation and Surveillance of TSF’s.

Our key strength is operational expertise, which is supported by our ability to develop or influence designs that take the specific site conditions into account.